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On February 1, 2011, author and pastor of one of America’s fastest growing churches, Matthew Barnett will release his second book, The Cause within You, through Tyndale House Publishers. 

In The Cause within You Barnett shares his journey to discovering the ultimate cause he was created for, founding The Los Angeles Dream Center, the heartfelt stories of the lives that have been changed as a result and his desire for all to discover the ultimate cause they were created for.

The nine acre, 16 story Los Angeles Dream Center is a round the clock sanctuary for homeless families, addicts, abused women and children, victims of human trafficking, teen runaways and many others. In the first four years that the Dream Center was founded the prostitution and gang violence rate in the neighborhood dropped by 73%, the homicide rate dropped by 28% and rape dropped by 53%. More than 30,000 people are fed through the Dream Center on a weekly basis and over 1 million pounds of food are distributed to the poor and needy throughout Los Angeles.  At the Dream Center they rehabilitate drug addicts, work with social workers to keep families together, house over 500 live-in families who can not afford housing, all while providing them the tools to one day survive on their own and find their own great cause.

Some of the fascinating and inspirational stories of people affiliated with The Los Angeles Dream Center include the account of a forty-year-old man who was once the master of the largest prostitution, drug and gang ring in Los Angeles, who now helps the government learn more about how to prevent crime.  He shares of a middle-aged woman who adopted over 15 special needs children abandoned at hospitals and the story of a former prostitute who now speaks at Pimp Conventions to stop the cycle of the sex market among many other brave individuals.

The Cause within You serves as a guide in preparing for one’s own cause, using personal life experiences to further a dream, believing in your cause, not giving up despite opposition and finally, experiencing the rewards of a great cause. 

We look forward to speaking with you soon about Matthew Barnett, The Dream Center and The Cause within You!

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