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Matthew Barnett

As a boy, the preacher’s son had a dream: a church that remained open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This church would serve the inner-cities’ physical and spiritual needs, bringing a message of hope to the seemingly hopeless. The Dream Center is the fulfillment of that dream. Matthew Barnett founded the Dream Center in 1993, starting an international movement reaching from South America to Sweden.

Matthew Barnett, author of The Cause within You and pastor of one of America’s fastest growing churches, is one of the most dynamic voices God is using in Christianity today. At the age of 34, he is fulfilling the roles of people who have been in the ministry for years. Son of Pastor Tommy Barnett, best-selling author, church growth pioneer, and pastor of what Time Magazine noted as “One of the three largest churches in America,” Matthew has learned powerful principles of ministry, which have gifted him in founding The Dream Center in Los Angeles.

The Dream Center began as a typical local church. With the fresh vision and desire to impact the entire city that God birthed in Matthew’s heart, the church grew from 39 members at its conception in September of 1994, to reaching more than 35,000 people each week in the Center’s 40 services and 273 ministries and outreaches today. The Dream Center houses close to 500 people who are being rehabilitated for the glory of God. Every week people receive food and many other services are offered to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community. As of April 2002, there have been over 130 Dream Centers launched around the world.

Matthew has spoken in some of the largest and most prestigious conventions, conferences, camp-meetings and churches throughout America and the world including Promise Keepers and Hillsong. He hosts a weekly television program called “The Church That Never Sleeps,” which airs nation- ally and internationally. He has consulted leading businessmen, celebrities, and athletes. President George W. Bush has endorsed him with the highest regards to his achievements, and his church has been recognized several times in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times for its contribution to the community.

Matthew and his wife, Caroline, have two children, Mia Aimee and Caden West.

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