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In this online press room, you will find press materials and numerous media resources regarding the The Board, an emotionally gripping film produced by Bethesda Baptist Church that releases nationwide on DVD August 4, 2009.

A dynamic story of internal struggles, The Board captures the elements of life transforming films such as Chariots of Fire and Fireproof, telling the poignant story of how God speaks to each person’s soul. The Board explores the personal conflicts within, as represented by a board of directors, Mind, Emotion, Will, Memory, Conscience and Heart as it introduces difficult questions that lead to eternal consequences, exposing the board’s hypocritical foundation.

Based on a script written by Bethesda Baptist Church member, Gary Varvel, The Board included over 60 members from the church that were involved in every facet of the production. Gary Varvel, an editorial cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star, looked to his son Brett Varvel to direct the film. Brett is not a stranger to entertainment as he was named a two time Dave Letterman scholarship winner at Ball State University and a film festival award winner.

Culminating two and half years of preparation, The Board was filmed on location in Brownsburg, Indiana. Father and son, Gary and Brett Varvel, partnered with Bethesda Baptist Church to deliver this very powerful message in a short, inspiring film.

Not unlike another popular 2008 film, Fireproof, The Board was almost entirely produced by a Baptist church very far removed from the scene in Hollywood who had many talented congregation members, several of whom were professionals in television and film, audio, lighting, construction, and electrical industries.  Dozens of church members volunteered their expertise and time with various aspects of this film and were involved with the production, which primarily took place over a week of shooting in June 2008 on the Bethesda campus.

Since its opening, The Board has been touching the lives of hundreds with its soul-searching examination of good and evil.  God’s standards for men are discussed in length by the film’s elusive characters, prompting enlightening discussions in and out of churches all across America.

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