The Board Movie Press Room
The Board
"I think this is an astonishingly good piece of filmmaking and genuine ministry. The conclusion literally had me in tears on a plane back to Washington D.C."
Congressman Mike Pence
"We showed the movie this past Sunday evening in our church service. The resp onse has been great. Most of the feedback has been focused on how the movie makes it clear that our whole person is involved in responding to the Gospel. It isn't simply one part of us that engages with the Gospel, but every part. The excellent quality of the movie has also been mentioned. We are considering how to use this as a part of our ministry to engage unbelievers with the Gospel."
Sr. Pastor Steve Whicker, Eastside Baptist, Crawfordsville, IN
"Thank you for this wonderful movie, and the very professional presentation
of the message. I am very impressed with the quality and the content thank you to each of you for your dedication to help all of us spread God's word. "
Susan Foss, Plainfield, IN
"I just finished watching The Board and I can tell you that I was blown away.
I was so impressed by your presentation of the Gospel and the professional look of the movie. I was truly moved....Your movie will now play an integral
role in that. Thank you so much for making it."
Travis Yates, OK, Ten-Four Ministries,