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Living With Unmet Desires

Shawn Lantz, founder of Esengo Ministries, has been ministering Jesus Christ to those around her since she was a child. Her parents, Jim and Nancy Smith, are the founders and directors of Laban Ministries International. The family moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo when Shawn was only ten years old.  It was the dangers, tragedies and miracles that Shawn witnessed there, that became the foundation for the personal journey to bring the supernatural power of God into her own life and to share it with others.

Shawn came to regard the people from Congo as her brothers and sisters and although they are some of the poorest people in the world, she was deeply moved and personally changed by the way they depended on God and led purposeful, fulfilling lives, despite their circumstance.  This faith, Shawn believes, makes them some of the spiritually richest people in the world.  Through these experiences, it became Shawn’s life mission to experience this kind of unnerving belief and share it with others.

Feeling a true call to the ministry of discipleship, mentoring and teaching, she became more and more compelled to share what she had learned through her life about faith and true dependence on the Lord. She began Esengo Ministries to fulfill her passion of encouraging women to develop a love for the Scriptures and has spent much of her adult life writing, teaching and speaking about her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Shawn wrote her first book, Congo Vignettes, in 2008, which invites readers into the lives of her grandparents, her parents and her siblings showing a glimpse of their Congo experiences, of lives changed forever by the grace of God through a true, deep faith.  The book is comprised of fascinating stories covering over seventy years of  Shawn’s family’s faith in God and God’s power displayed through His children.

Through her second book, the first of many upcoming Bible-studies from Shawn, Living With Unmet Desires: Exposing the Many Faces of Jealousy, Shawn uses the story of King Saul to explore the nature of jealousy and dealing with issues and experiences that many women live with but rarely recognize or acknowledge in their day to day lives.   The book is a nine-week study that includes personal, daily assignments, which can be used in an individual or group Bible study.

Based on a personal life experience that Shawn walked through in her own life, Living With Unmet Desires addresses potentially life changing issues and how one can recapture a meaningful faith in God, through His grace, even after a downward spiral or even losing meaning in life.

From Shawn’s words of thanks to her own sister-in-law, “Because of what has happened between us, I know Jesus Christ can transform a relationship once based on jealousy, to one which thrives on love and mutual respect. Because of you, I know that He is able to reconcile two people through His scandalous, extravagant grace and knit their once-distant hearts together.”

Shawn has been leading groups of churches in the nine-week study throughout the past months and according to one participant, “I have never been so drawn into a Bible story as when she (Shawn) is reading aloud from the Bible. Her passion and understanding of the Bible has left me craving more!”

In a culture which tells us we must have more to be accepted, it’s easy to become a victim of jealousy’s lies, either as its perpetrator or its casualty.  Living With Unmet Desires includes personal, daily assignments designed to help readers make Godly choices on their way to living victoriously, even with unmet desires. Speckled with personal stories and first hand accounts of the miracles of the Lord, Living With Unmet Desires is a priceless tool that helps bring truth, faith and peace into readers lives.  

Currently, Shawn lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and three children. Shawn shares the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ through her daily blog, teaching Sunday school, leading women’s Bible studies and speaking at women’s events.