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NY2LA - A national phenomenon danceable hit song produced by Brian Kennedy, producer of Outcast, Rhianna and many more. This song is a call to everyone, from NY to LA, to get involved in making a difference in someone's life and being a positive change to their community. It shows that the only true answer for our world's challenges is God, the only true love. (Special guest appearance by Tyler James Williams)

Getcha Hands Up - A hard hitting song produced by Theron Feemster, acclaimed producer for Rhianna and many others. This song is a call to live free through God and let the chains fall off by getting your hands in the air and partying like you are free.

Let's Dance - A club dance groovin' song encouraging you to dance and dream as much as your heart can because you are free! Co-written by Group 1 Crew's, Manwell Reyes, this song will put you on your feet.

Let's Go - This song, as well as all on the NY2LA project, was mixed by two of the best guys in the industry. From Ludacris, Neyo, Chris Brown, Rhianna and many more, this song brings it unlike any other. Also, with an appearance by Tyler James Williams, "Let's Go" rocks the house with a call to go and change your world.

L.O.V.E. Now - A multicultural song asking and telling the world to LOVE and how this word is the universal word of unity and change. Clearly, it's the love of God that is our only hope and bond.

Holiday - This perfect-for-AC Radio hit will make you immediately smile as if you are on a holiday. As the only complete solo song by David Hanley, "Holiday" is sure to please. A perfect Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz like tune.

I Love You So - This is the song that will encourage you to take out your cell phone and wave it in the air, as the classic R&B hit of the project. Once again another beauty, produced and mixed by top producers to create a masterpiece! It says "I... I... You... You... Me... Me... We are walking side by side," and so on.

My Everything - This great AC style song sung by keyboardist, Joel Bodker is a pleasant change of sound and melodies. It states one thing, that God is our everything.

Love Somebody (80's Tribute) - This song intentionally takes you back to the days of Duran Duran, yes the 80's! YouÕll love this dancing and kicking tune that once again lays the theme of this project clearly. Let the love of Christ be the fix-all to everything in life.

My Destiny - Another soulful tune produced by Theron Feemster and featuring Press Play's other soloist Sada K. This song proclaims that your destiny can be reached and you can find it only in God.

Shake the Rooftop - This a rocking guitar driven song calling everyone to their feet and to shake the rooftops with dance and song.

Forever-" Forever" is the power ballad, worship song of the album. Sung by David Hanley and Joel Bodker, this song is the perfect follow up to “Angels Sing.” Simply saying that "Forever Forever, I Will Always Love You."

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