You Are God's Plan A - Dwight Robertson - Press Room

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We are excited to announce the March 2010 release of You Are God’s Plan A by Dwight Robertson. The book is an empowering, motivational tool that encourages Christians everywhere to embrace their uniqueness and affect change in the world.

In his book, Robertson uses true stories of hope and courage to show how every individual person is made in God’s image to contribute to the world in a positive way. By following the model of Jesus, everyone is capable of feeling more fulfilled in their lives. In the book, Robertson explains how God’s plan involves all of us, and there is no Plan B with God. He has one plan -- and we’re it!

Dwight Robertson is the founding president and CEO of Kingdom Building Ministries, an evangelical Christian organization that partners with churches, universities, and denominations to challenge and motivate Christians to make a difference in people’s lives and in God’s kingdom. Robertson wrote You Are God’s Plan A to further the message of his organization, that ordinary people are capable of making extraordinary differences in the world around them.

Robertson is the author of several other resources, including The Spiritual Life Notebook and Is God Waiting For A Date With You?  In addition to founding Kingdom Building Ministries and writing, Robertson serves as an internationally known speaker at events including conventions, retreats, seminars and pastor’s conferences.

We look forward to talking with you more about helping to spread the word that Robertson shares in You Are God’s Plan A. To learn more about Robertson and Kingdom Building Ministries, please visit

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