You Are God's Plan A - Dwight Robertson - Press Room
What people are saying about You Are God’s Plan A
"Dwight Robertson expresses on paper what overflows out of his heart: an intense passion for the vehicle God uses to draw people into His Kingdom—laborers! By the time you complete this book, you’ll have caught the same zeal to use your ordinary gifts and abilities, while allowing and expecting God to come through in extraordinary ways."
Bay Forest, former Phoenix Suns NBA player, speaker, author, and founder of Focus Ministries
"Understanding the unique and powerful plan of God for our lives ushers in a sense of dignity, purpose, courage, compassion and strength that God alone can construct. Dwight Robertson splashes light across a confused and cluttered subject. He reconnects us to The Plan … in fact, God’s Plan for each of us, and in doing so he ignites our soul. From the scrap heap of do-it-yourself, Dwight draws us back to the beauty of God’s initial design and plan. This is why He made us … this is where we find our ultimate joy."
Dan Wolgemuth, president and CEO, Youth for Christ/USA
"Every once in a while you get exposed to a concept so potent it changes the way you see the world. You Are God’s Plan A was one of those concepts for me. I was first introduced to this message as a college student. It has followed me, remained in me, and shaped my ministry for the last decade. Dwight was the first person who clearly explained to me that every ordinary life can make an extraordinary difference for the kingdom of God. The awareness of this reality has served me well and enabled me to empower thousands of others. I am now the pastor of a church that grew from 0 to more than 5,000 over the course of a few short years. The paradigm that facilitated this kind of explosive growth all goes back to a simple and powerful message I heard in college: You Are God’s Plan A."
Steven Furtick, lead pastor of Elevation Church
"Dwight Robertson speaks to the every in everyone of us. Every part of us. Every bit of us. Every element of us. With practical power, he encourages us to both embrace and invest all God has made us to be for His kingdom purposes."
Elisa Morgan, publisher of FullFill™ and author of She Did What She Could
"Every believer needs to know that they have been ‘fearfully & wonderfully made’—with gifting and an assignment as a builder in the Kingdom of God. Dwight is an anointed speaker and writer who captures the essence of this profound truth in this discourse. This book is a must-read for preacher, elder, deacon, praise team and parishioner."
Raleigh Washington, DD, president, Promise Keepers
"Clear, biblical, and personal, You Are God’s Plan A is a must-read for anyone seeking God’s purpose for their lives."
Eric Affeldt, president and CEO of ClubCorp
"With authenticity and transparency, Dwight Robertson delivers the message that all God’s followers are uniquely called to ministry. Regardless of our vocation, a fulfilled life is loving and serving others in Christ. You Are God’s Plan A is a call to action. It encourages and empowers the personal ministry of loving individually and caring deeply."
W. Ralph Jones III, president and CEO of Jones Companies, Ltd.
"Dwight Robertson’s You Are God's Plan A is a riveting book that gives permission to every Christian to live an unashamed, victorious life for Christ our King. This book helps us to know that everyone is a minister and the ministry looks like our lives. God purposefully gave each of us gifts, and this book inspires us to use them for the building of the Kingdom!"
Adrian Despres Jr., evangelist and chaplain of University of South Carolina football
"Dwight Robertson’s book You Are God’s Plan A is powerful! It hits a chord in every one of us, no matter where we are in life. In the end, the only important question will be ‘What difference did my life make?’ And the only appraisal that matters is what God thinks. This book is a Spirit-anointed guide that will assist you in your personal journey."
C. Kemmons Wilson, Jr., founding family of Holiday Inns
"Dwight Robertson has produced a page-turning, Kingdom-advancing, great read. You Are God’s Plan A is filled with chance encounters, God’s little coincidences, divine appointments, and holy disturbances. These define Dwight’s life, and they describe a life committed to God’s Plan A. Are they occurring in your life?"
Joyce Godwin, former board chair of ECFA, ISI, MAF, and AirServ International
"If you have ever wrestled with questions like ‘Can God use me?’ or ‘Could I really make an eternal difference?’—and all of us have—this practical and powerfully illustrated book gives a resounding YES! Dwight Robertson makes a compelling case answering both why and how every believer should get ‘off the sidelines and in the game.’ It is on my must-read list; I highly recommend it to you!"
Steve Moore, president of Mission Exchange, founder of Keep Growing, Inc., and author of The Dream Cycle: Leveraging the Power of Personal Growth
"You Are God’s Plan A is an absolute encouragement to me because it loudly declares that everyday people are the ones God will use to transform the planet. We just have to look at life through God’s lens. This book is a reminder that changing the world is not about having a position, but a disposition … to give our lives. Get ready to be challenged by the stories in this book."
Dr. Tim Elmore, founding president of Growing Leaders and author of Habitudes
"The call of You Are God’s Plan A is clear and concise. In the mind of God, there is only one option and that option is us! As a pastor, I can only imagine what would happen if the people of God lived out the words of this book. If we answer the call, we will see the Lord transform the way we view our lives and the people around us."
Robert Gelinas, lead pastor of Colorado Community Church and author of Finding the Groove
"Plan A is filled with fresh, thought-provoking life experiences that will help you find and connect with the purpose God has shaped for you. More than ever, I’ve been encouraged to ‘get off the sidelines’ and get involved in God’s Plan A for reaching the world."
Georg Andersen, ASID, architectural/interior designer, and author of Silent Witness
"God is waiting to bless you and challenge you through the prayer-ful reading of this book. Let Him speak to you, guide you, and use you mightily. God wants to fill you with Himself and make you a vital part of His Plan A."
Dr. Wesley L. Duewel, president emeritus of OMS International, and author of Mighty Prevailing Prayer
"CAUTION: Do not read this book if your desire is to be a spectator in the Kingdom of God. This book will challenge and change you … but equally important, it will leave you encouraged."
Tobin Cassels III, president of Southeastern Freight Lines
"Dwight Robertson’s book You Are God’s Plan A masterfully shows that every life matters. It proves that God gives all of us (who are ordinary people) the opportunity to impact the world beyond our imagination."
Ryan DeVoe, founding family of JD Byrider Corporation
"I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a life of purpose. Plan A changed the way I look at living life and will bring transformation of thought and actions to anyone who reads it."
Scott Porter, president of Formula Boats
"This is a book of encouragement that every Christian needs to read. Read it, then pass it on."
Bill English, author and consultant for Mindsharp