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Dear Media,

We’re working on a special new project that we want you to be a part of.  The new, completely unconventional teaching series, NOT A FAN , produced by City On A Hill Productions, is a video-based small-group study that challenges individuals and people in churches everywhere to look at their faith in a unique way. 

 NOT A FAN is a cinematic journey through a series of six mini-movies, created in a unique manner.   The mini-movie concept of the series portrays the world of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalized life as a pleasure-seeking rebel, a cutthroat corporate executive and a nominal Christian.   Interweaving Kyle’s teaching with unique and dramatic storytelling, NOT A FAN challenges people to think through how things would change if they lived as Jesus lived and loved the way He loved.   Idleman’s plea is that its time to stop being a fan & to start truly following!

NOT A FAN came about one Easter as Kyle Idleman was praying through the message he would teach. Looking in the Bible to see what Jesus preached to large crowds, he discovered that those were the times Jesus really challenged people’s commitment levels. Kyle had an “a-ha” moment, realizing that Jesus wants each of us to be a completely committed follower—not a fan. NOT A FAN became a teaching series beginning that Easter Sunday … and continuing on in a new video series from City On A Hill Studios.

According to the teaching,  one of the most sobering passages of Scripture in the Bible is in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 7, as Jesus tells of a day where everyone who has ever lived will stand before God.  

NOT A FAN is designed to awaken second-chair Christians—fans—and motivate them to take the journey to the first chair—followers.

Since 2003, City On A Hill has produced a variety of short dramatic films and multi-episode DVD series that put faith in a thoroughly modern context. Combining dynamic filmmaking and searing drama rooted in the Gospel, City on a Hill creates high-quality films of surprising honesty. City On A Hill is using the power of story for a higher purpose.

I look forward to talking with you soon about this life changing  new project!  For more information, please visit: & for media materials, please visit:

Kindest Regards,

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