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Praise for Lord, Save Us From Your Followers
"Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is funny, fair, moving. Told in the documentary style of Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, Merchant is every bit as funny, his topic every bit as crucial as anything Moore might tackle."
Ethics Daily
"Dan Merchant's docu-comedy hits the streets to show how the gospel of love has been splitting the country. The truths he discovers are difficult and thought-provoking, but ultimately, the film is one that offers hope."
Relevant Magazine
"Michael Moore-meets-Monty Python. A humorous and heartfelt examination of the culture wars."
USA Today
"Lord, Save Us aims to raise the level of religious discourse…a convincing argument for civil debate."
Chicago Sun Times
"Documentary dynamite…extraordinarily fair handed"
Internet Monk.com
"Both entertaining and challenging."
Outreach Magazine
"Compelling and thought provoking"
Publisher's Weekly
"Lord Save Us From Your Followers is incisive and fair, goofily funny and deeply moving. What makes the film so powerful is its intractable ability to embrace both the baby and the bathwater. This is a film made by a follower, and therein lies its unique musculature".
Christianity Today Movies
"A disarming and uplifting call for a truce in the culture wars…no ordinary 'Christian' movie."
The Oregonian
"Standing room only crowds have left in tears, in laughter and most importantly…in conversation."
Lake Oswego Review
"If Dan Merchant's Lord, Save Us From Your Followers gets much exposure, Bill Maher's Religulous is going to look quite petty by comparison."
"It's certainly high time that someone made a self-examining film about the church in such a manner: light-hearted and full of joy and good humor. Consequently, it is an adventurous, honest probe into what went wrong in communicating the Truth."
Past The Popcorn
"Lord Save Us From Your Followers is a peace offering, not a battle cry."
Steve Duin, Columnist, The Oregonian
"Thank you so much for creating Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. What an important and timely plea for a little peace, love and understanding."
Craig Detweiler, PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary
"A fresh vision of being Christian in our culture. I love it. I highly recommend this as a film…"
Gabe Lyons, Co-Author, UnChristian
"Every generation needs prophetic voices that are willing to challenge the status quo. Dan Merchant is one of those voices. His message is like a long, hard look in the mirror. You won't like everything you see. But it'll challenge you to be the solution to some of the problems that exist in Christianity and our culture.
Mark Batterson, Author, Wild Goose Chase
"I didn't want the film to end because I like how it feels when humility is rewarded by love -- those are my favorite moments as a believer, and this film was full of them. I spent far more time choked up watching this film than any film I've ever encountered."
Pete Gall, Author, My Beautiful Idol
"A film that is enlightening, engaging and informative. By showing some of the heat these filmmakers have produced considerable light."
Kevin Palau, Executive Vice President, Luis Palau Association
"I think it's a fascinating title…and this is a stroke of genius in the film – people need to see that the world knows better how we think, than we know how they think…learning about ourselves is humbling. They don't think we have an answer because they only see we have an argument."
Pastor Jack Hayford, President, Foursquare Denomination
"Lord Save Us From Your Followers may be one of the most important conversation starters the church (we) has (have) seen in a long time."
Rick McKinley, PhD, Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Community
"I have been praying that God would begin to strengthen His Church; I sincerely believe that Merchant's documentary is part of His answer to that prayer."
Mike Smith, Past the Popcorn
"I am so thankful that God has given Dan Merchant the gifts and passions that are necessary to make tough conversations meaningful and fun. Dan visited our campus and challenged all of us to think about how we understand and live out the gospel. Our campus benefited greatly from Dan's film. It definitely caused all of us to think about how we are living out the gospel of love."
Kent Kersey, Campus Pastor, Corban College
"Based on student body observation and multiple conversations, Dan Merchant has done an excellent job creating a medium that encourages individuals to consider welding social justice and spiritual welfare – guided by grace, love and truth – together. If your entire campus, especially your student body, needs engaging conversation, then I highly recommend Lord Save Us from Your Followers as a catalyst to ignite that discussion."
Rob Harris, Dean of Students, Southwest Baptist University
"One of the beauties of this film (besides Dan's wardrobe) is that it crosses generational lines. Our university's auditorium was filled with college students--who weren't required to see it. My own teenagers sat fully engaged for the entire 100 minute film and then wanted to have a conversation about it. I found myself laughing one minute and deeply convicted the next. This film is inspiring all ages to love in ways that could help the world once again know Christians by their love instead of their hate."
Mary Albert Darling, Associate Professor of Communication,
Spring Arbor University
"We firmly believe the content and timeliness of the film is relevant to all. The film does an amazing job of taking each viewer, regardless of belief or background, on a journey to explore the possibilities and beauty of learning to listen and care for others in a world polarized by contentious personalities and movements. It reminds us that, in the end, we all want to be valued and understood as people who have something to offer one another. 'Starting the conversation' has given us hope to believe this reality is indeed a possibility. It starts with us. Perhaps in changing ourselves, we might even change the world".
Pastors Marty Walker & Jonathan Edwards
The Sanctuary (Santa Clarita, California)
"Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is more than must-see evangelical entertainment; it's an opportunity to truly open up a conversation and a reconsideration of the way we've presented the Gospel in our culture. This is documentary dynamite… Merchant is extraordinarily fair handed in his portrayal of both extremes in the culture war, and he let's both sides talk- even Al Franken! - until you have to admit that we're all human, we're all sincere and we're all contributing to the toxic atmosphere of cultural debate in America. While Merchant is a Christian, he's committed to moderating a discussion that is fair to everyone. That's quite a gift and he pulls it off well."
Internet Monk.com
"This humorous yet thoughtful documentary asks all the right questions about why Christ-followers act the way they do, while remaining astoundingly balanced and respectful to those on both sides of the argument. In TV clips and live interviews with a wide variety of personalities, Merchant gives both Christians and non-Christians a chance to think about why they believe the way they do."
Advance Magazine