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Author/Director of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

Dan was the kid who once showed up to summer camp with typed scripts for talent night and cast his cabin mates in the comedy sketches. Not much has changed since 1976, Dan has been writing, producing, directing and talking people into his ideas ever since. Dan makes his debut as a feature documentary director with Lord, Save Us From Your Followers - the product of an amazing three-year journey behind the front lines of America's so-called Culture Wars. The film is scheduled for release in 2009. More information can be found at lordsaveusthemovie.com.

Dan has just completed the script Three Sunrises, a heart warming, web of life, ensemble piece about grace and the companion book to Lord, Save Us From Your Followers which was released by Thomas Nelson in March 2008. A follow up entitled Loving Kindness Actually Works is underway.

An engaging public speaker, Dan has visited many colleges and churches and will be embarking on a national tour in support of Lord, Save Us… in Spring 2009.

Dan's creative brain rarely slows down and he's currently applying his unique vision to a compelling new documentary, Homeless, Inc, an examination of homelessness and the urban myth of a clandestine industry building up around it. Dan's begun work on his latest novel, Take Me to the River, the story of a broken man making a cross-country journey home to die -- accompanied by a lifetime of regrets and his pugnacious young grandson.

Dan is also developing The Armor, an exciting, supernatural action-adventure tale inspired by the Biblical battle between the "seen and the unseen worlds" and he recently optioned the screenplay You Make Me Sick, (co-written with James Melkonian), the raucous teen comedy about a high schooler who fakes a terminal illness to improve his social standing.

Previously, Dan published with raucous and hilarious novel The Great American Stay At Home Wives Conspiracy (MPress) and kept busy in television, highlights include: Executive Producer/Writer of VH1's critically acclaimed "rock and roll Twilight Zone" anthology series, Strange Frequency, hosted by The Who's Roger Daltrey, creator of Soccer Moms, a hour drama pilot script for CBS/Warner Bros., and contributed scripts to Seattle's classic regional Emmy winning sketch comedy show Almost Live!.

Dan began his career at Portland, Oregon CBS affiliate KOIN-TV were he won an IRIS award for We're Makin' Movies, and three Northwest Region Emmys for writing/producing The Dr. Wilderness Show and the original Bill Nye the Science Guy pilot.

A crazy sports fan, Dan supports an NCAA football "final four" playoff. An avid concert-goer, he insists the Rolling Stones "still have it", Dan concedes U2 now carries the title of Best Live Band. Dan loves the passion, drama and sense of community inherent in sporting and music events.

Dan, an expert on the loom, has been happily married for twenty one years (in a row, to the same woman) and is the father of two teenage boys who are both better looking and smarter than him. Merchant and his family live in the rainy woods near Portland, Oregon (it's really dreary, don't move here, seriously, you wouldn't like it).