I AM Movie Press Room
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"Through a cleverly woven story, compelling characters, and high production values, I AM sends an important message without being preachy: the Ten Commandments are for our own good. Recommended for Christians and spiritual seekers."
Lee Strobel, New York Times Best-Selling Author
"I AM does an excellent job of illustrating how God’s commands speak to our personal lives, in real-time. The movies’ unique contribution is in how powerfully and quickly it engages the viewer in its storyline and its high-caliber production. It will encourage much growth and discussion about God’s ways."
Dr. John Townsend, psychologist, author of "Boundaries," radio host and business consultant
"I’m a huge fan of the movie I AM! I love how relevant it is for right now, and I love the whole look and feel of it. Think of 24 and Crash, and you’re in the right ballpark. After people see it, they’re going to have to talk about it with somebody – and pastors and churches better be prepared, or they’re going to miss an awesome opportunity to connect with the unchurched they claim they are so desperately trying to reach."
Frank Pastore, KKLA Radio Host and Author of "Shattered"
"Having grown up with no formal religion, I often felt confused, and strangely envious, when people spoke of their 'personal relationship with God.' However, the making of I AM has provided me a journey filled with enlightenment and coincidence which has re-united me with friends, strengthened my sense of family, and fostered my own relationship with God."
Todd Zeile, 16 year Major League Baseball Veteran and Film Producer
"I AM is a movie spawned from Mariners Church. It represents one of the essential values of our ministry -- our God is a God of relationship. He is the constant source of love, forgiveness, and restoration in the universe who passionately seeks relationship with us. I AM shows this in a way no movie has before. We are proud to be the first church of I AM!"
Kenton Beshore, Senior Pastor, Mariners Church, Irvine, CA
"I AM is an intriguing movie with interwoven stories that can engage both the true believer and spiritual skeptic. For those who question the relevance of the Bible, and especially the 10 Commandments, this movie will show the high impact and cost when those truths are disregarded. I recommend this film for any who are honest and willing to seek answers to those moral and timeless questions of life."
Rev. David Mitchell Senior Pastor, Calvary Church of Santa Ana, CA
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