Girl In Progress
Dove Worldview:

Here is a movie which illustrates that change is possible for anyone who truly wants it. A teenager named Ansiedad lives with her mother Grace, and their relationship is a bit rocky, mainly due to the fact that Grace is having an affair with a married man, works as a waitress at a diner, and is hardly ever home. Yet Ansiedad's love for her mother is clearly seen when she goes into her mom's bedroom after Grace gets home late and she lovingly removes her shoes while she sleeps.

When Ansiedad hears her teacher mentioning "coming of age" and "rites of passage" in her class at school, she decides it is time she goes from being a very good student to a time of rebellion. She says, "Being a kid is stupid and I'm moving on." However, she moves on with some very bad decisions. She sets her goals on hanging out with "bad girls", ditching her overweight but kind best friend, ignoring her school work, drinking and "maybe" doing drugs. Lastly, she plans on losing her virginity. She even sets her eyes on the guy she wants it to happen with.

Obviously these are themes which are realistically handled in this film yet there is a strong change in the characters by movie's end, including both Grace and Ansiedad, who "grow up" and form a bond. Without spoiling the ending, Ansiedad learns that being an adult means being responsible and Grace remembers her responsibilities as well. The redemptive theme is strong in this one.

Parents should watch this film with their kids and discuss the various decisions the characters make. Due to the sophisticated themes we are recommending this movie for ages twelve plus. "Girl in Progress" is a film you and your family will care about! And it could be utilized as a teaching tool in making decisions and dealing with consequences. This one is Dove "Family-Approved". "Girl in Progress" is just that, a story about progress and how cool is that?

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference


Girl In Progress captures real life situations and struggles of second generation Hispanics in America. Young single mothers attempt to raise their children with an affinity for school and climbing the socialH economic ladder when they lack di scipline in their own lives. Work consumes part if not the majority of their day, followed by weekend nights of partying. This narrative captures the torn soul of a young single mother (Altagracia) who wants the best for her child but still tries to live their own life.

Furthermore, the story embodies the archetypal life of a child subjected to trials and tribulations inherited from single parenting. Ansiedad encapsulates the inner longing for stability and identity her mother is incapable of providing. Eventually, she reaches her tipping point and decides to break free from the prison by prematurely starting a life on her own, like so many youth today. Unfortunately as we all know the same struggles await Ansiedad at the other end of her fantasy.

Nevertheless, the end of the movie brings the life situations into balance. Altagracia and Ansiedad step into a life altering revelation concerning their mistakes. Ansiedad keeps her purity, while Altagracia finds forgiveness and repentance from her daughter. G irl in Progress expresses the error of Hispanic single mothers and daughters (children) and concludes with the solution. The message is bound to impact thousands of lives and bring a life altering revelation, which will transform the homes of Hispanic families across the nation.

Accordingly, the NHCLC, America's largest Hispanic Christian Organization, is proud to lend our support and endorsement, without reservation.

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