Family Movie Night Press Room
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Moms4FamilyTV is a national group of moms who support and encourage companies that are creating entertainment options that families can enjoy together. The group works with partner organizations to help spread the word and expand the efforts of these companies.

Who are we? We're moms just like you - We love our families and treasure family time. We remember the wonderful television shows that we grew up with and long for the opportunity to gather our family around for a special evening of entertainment. This nostalgia for quality programming has prompted us to do what moms do best- we encourage people! And it's more effective than you might think. As moms, we control what comes in and out of our homes. And as a result, together we actually have significant leverage with networks and advertisers to get these shows developed.

Walmart and Procter & Gamble (P&G) are two companies who have responded to our concerns and are making a difference. They have teamed up to provide great family shows. These shows deliver exciting stories with realistic characters you can identify with, and feature strong, positive family depictions. That means you can bring your whole family together without the worry about diving for the remote.

However, this effort only works if families support these programs by watching them! If you want to have more opportunities to watch quality TV together with your family, then you need to mark your calendar for the next Family Movie Night. Or you can get more involved by signing up for our weekly newsletter (top family shows for the week) or by applying to become a “Reel Mom” for Moms4FamilyTV ( “Reel Moms” spread the word about the Family Movie Night initiative by reviewing upcoming movies and using tools from M4FTV to encourage their families and friends to watch.

If great family programming is important to you, Moms4FamilyTV encourages you to:

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