Family Movie Night Press Room
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""At Walmart, we are committed to delivering more quality family entertainment options to parents across the country. It's something we know our shoppers want, it's important to the growth of our business, and it's one more way we are delivering on our brand promise to help families save money and live better."
- Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer for Walmart


"Family Movie Night represents a bold commitment by some of the nation's most public-spirited companies to upgrade the entertainment options for kids and their parents. This is the sort of commitment that can help convince Hollywood that wholesome, family-friendly and inspiring stories can be both exciting --and profitable."
- Michael Medved, nationally syndicated radio talk host
"Finally, a return to television viewing that the whole family can enjoy! Family Movie Night afforded me the chance to watch quality TV with my kids, just like I did with my parents. What a great concept!"
- Mike Gallagher, Salem Radio Network Talk Host, FOX News Contributor
"It's great that Family Movie Night films are giving American families something to watch, it's even better that they're giving them something to talk about."
- Ash Greyson, Beliefnet
"The Dove Foundation is pleased to endorse Family Movie Night and the quality movies that people of all ages can enjoy. Each movie released so far has been awarded the Dove Family Approved Seal. Walmart and P&G are to be congratulated for serving their customers with this welcome family-friendly entertainment initiative."
- Dick Rolfe, CEO for The Dove Foundation
"Family Movie Night is a great way for parents to reinforce family values in their children. It's a wonderful alternative to programs with questionable continent. Now parents can relax with their children for a few hours in front of the TV without having to worry about hitting the mute button, telling them to cover their eyes or making them leave the room. And not only are the movies a high quality production, they have a message for all families and individuals to learn from."
- Toni Hembree, Cornerstone TeleVision, Inc.
"Moms love Family Movie Night! What a blessing to know there are movies being made that we can sitů cuddle upůand watch with our kids."
- Jill Hart, Christian Work at Home Moms,
"Family Movie Night is exactly what television has needed for years and compliments the wonderful efforts of Hallmark. Thank you so much!"
- Jeff Holder, Movieguide(R)
"Finally! TV that expands the world and sparks the imagination."
- Judith Manigault, Family Entertainment (FE) Media
"I have a deeply held belief that all of us can be influenced by the entertainment we consume. That's why I love it when I discover like-minded folks out there who are working not to curse the darkness, but produce more of the light. Such is true with the "let's-take-back-the-family-hour" initiative of Walmart and Proctor & Gamble. With their Family Movie Nights, they've put up the funds to not just talk about family-friendly entertainment, but to actually produce it. Hats off to them and the other companies involved, and the viewers who are making this a present day reality!"
- Bob Waliszewski, Focus on the Family
"Walmart and P&G are delivering on their promise to produce great, family movies for television. That's all we've ever really asked of the movie industry. We just want clean, decent, family-friendly entertainment. And they're doing it!"
- Tim Wildmon, President American Family Association
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