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This March, multi-award-winning filmmaker Lee Stanleywill release his highly anticipated memoir, Faith in the Land of Make-Believe: What God Can Do… Even in Hollywood through Zondervan Publishing House.  

Featuring a foreword by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, star of Stanley’s No.1 box office hit Gridiron Gang, Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is the powerful and brutally honest story of a man who stopped pursuing only his Hollywood goals and learned how to become totally dependent on God. This is a book about passion, determination and a refusal to give up. From his challenge to God after a near-death experience, to God’s promise that he would take violent, juvenile offenders out to sea and make a film documenting the voyage, Faith in the Land of Make-Believe will inspire you to stand solely and completely upon the Word of God.

Lee Stanley is well-known in the TV and film world and is a five-time Emmy Award-winning director but his story is more than a narrative about a young man destined to accomplish the impossible and more than a chronicle of a successful Hollywood filmaker’s unparalleled success that changed not only his life but also the lives of millions of others. Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is the gritty memoir of someone who was never taught how to be a man, husband, or a father, and was “scared to death somebody would find out.”  This is the story of Stanley’s transparent and miraculous journey through life and through filmmaking that proves God’s unwavering faithfulness.

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