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What people are saying about Faith in the Land of Make-Believe
“I’ve often told friends, ‘If you can find God in Hollywood, you can find him anywhere.’ Lee Stanley not only found the Lord, he went to work for him. This moving book is clearly the work of an award-winning filmmaker: full of vivid scenes, memorable images, and dialogue that’ll make you laugh one moment and cry the next, all contributing to an uplifting sense of divine promise fulfilled.”
- JEFF MAGUIRE, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and screenwriter for the motion picture Gridiron Gang
“A truly superb memoir that inspires as it informs about neglected juveniles and what it takes for the human heart to change. Stanley’s style is as compelling as his story: vigorous, sensuous, with a filmmaker’s gift for drama and pacing. I did not want to put it down.”
- ROBERT SIEGEL, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and author of the Whalesong trilogy, The Waters Under the Earth, and A Pentecost of Finches: New and Selected Poems
“A powerful and moving book that will bring faith and inspiration to those fortunate enough to read it. This book serves as testament that there is heart in Hollywood. I know firsthand that my amazing friend and colleague Lee Stanley puts his heart into everything he does.”
- NEAL MORITZ, producer of the motion picture Gridiron Gang
“After reading Faith in the Land of Make-Believe, Jane and I had the same reaction to it as we did to the Desperate Passage series, which we had the pleasure of financing. What an insightful, inspiring look behind the scenes of a life lived so meaningfully! We are very proud to partner with Lee and Linda Stanley.”
- BERT AND JANE BOECKMANN, owners of Galpin Motors, Inc.
“What wondrous—and wild—things happen when a tough guy asks God to take over the reins of his life. Lee Stanley quite clearly was called upon to step out in faith and risk everything for a mission greater than he’d ever imagined, helping kids who’d ‘messed up’ and inspiring the world. The multiple Emmy-winning filmmaker’s journey is funny, shocking, poignant, and sweet. His and wife Linda’s love story is a testimony to the power of a faithful, faith-filled marriage. I laughed a lot, gasped a few times and, yes, was moved to tears reading Faith in the Land of Make-Believe.
- STACY JENEL SMITH, syndicated Hollywood columnist
“If ever there was a ‘Lion of God,’ it’s Lee Stanley. Lots of people talk the talk, but this man walks every step of the walk. Stanley doesn’t know how to quit. For him, closed doors and the word ‘No’ are simply battle cries to begin the war. Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is an inspiring account of how one person can change the world . . . if he trusts his God and refuses to back down. You don’t have to know or even like Hollywood to be encouraged that, whatever your sphere of influence may be, if you take God at his word and fight the fight, you will set the captives free.”
- BILL MYERS, bestselling author of The God Hater
“Powerful, transparent, and inspirational—a must-read for anyone considering working in the entertainment industry! Save yourself significant grief by learning from a master teacher trained by experience!”
- DR. RICK BEE, Biola University
“This book is a fabulous inside view of two completely different worlds that are never talked about in the same sentence. Read it and be challenged to be a difference maker in your generation using your God-given, unique abilities.”
- DAVID LOVELESS, pastor of Discovery Church
“This book is about more than the battles and triumphs in Lee’s life. It is about the spirit of a man who is driven by his commitment, dedication, faith, and vision in a world that is far too often driven by immediate gratification. Through his work, Lee has had a positive impact on thousands of lives, including mine. Without his vision and conviction, the Gridiron Gang story would have never been told. I recommend this book to anyone in need of a little inspiration to stay the course without compromising their personal values.”
- SEAN PORTER (portrayed by Dwayne Johnson in the movie Gridiron Gang), senior probation director of the Los Angeles County Probation Department
“Lee’s story is of an artist who keeps faith and finds beauty in the midst of desolation. In shipwrecking storms and blinding fog, he keeps his faith. This story is the opportunity to hear from someone worth knowing, whose vision was made real through courage. Enlightening, direct, important—parents of all ages need to read this insightful autobiography.”
- JAHN ROKICKI, director of Early Childhood Services
“Intimate, honest, and truly original. Lee’s adventures, both at sea and on land, kept me turning pages until midnight.”
- LIN PARDEY, sailor and author
“Lee’s book is an incredible journey of putting others first and making extreme sacrifices to see that no one gets left behind.”
- BRET MICHAELS, multi-platinum recording artist, reality television star, and winner of Celebrity Apprentice
Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is awesome and represents everything that needs to be talked about and more every day: GOD is everything. . . . SEE YA IN THE RING.”
- ANTONIO SABATO JR., actor, reality television star of My Antonio, winner of TV’s Celebrity Circus, and sparring partner

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